A few random thoughts..

Well tonight I want to post about a few random thoughts.

1- I am excited for tomorrow… Not because it’s my birthday, but because I plan on spending the morning with the family and then I will detect in the afternoon. The feeling I have is similar to the one I get the night before a fishing trip. I look forward to getting out for an extended hunt. I have been out for a couple lunch hunts but this will be my first extended hunt in a few weeks.

2- I was reading through Stouts blog and noticed something I would pass onto my readers. The detecting diva. I know I have a few female followers who will probably enjoy reading her blog.

3- I just recently downloaded a program called maprika. It is a program designed to make your own maps that are old maps laid over new maps. I am excited to dive into it. You can get it on PC as well as Android and idevices.

There you have it my random thoughts!

Happy Hunting and thanks for reading.


3 thoughts on “A few random thoughts..

  1. Thanks for the maprika mention. Needed something similar. Much appreciated
    whatever u so choose to call me or remember me by lol

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