All in a days work.. Just a splash of fun!

Well today didn’t turn out quite as expected! Queen Ukena was stressing a little about all the remodel work yet to be done in our home. That being said we started the morning with present time for my birthday. My wife blessed me with a new RC plane. It is a Hobbyzone Firebird Stratos. This is the second plane in the hangar. This one seems to be more of a beginner plane than the first which I have flown, crashed, and rebuilt several times. I look forward to taking it out. We followed that up with a great family breakfast. The whole time I was excited to take the afternoon and go sky high and soil low by flying and detecting. Turns out there was tile to be taken out of the kitchen and new underlayment and tile to go in. My intention was to get done with new underlayment at 3 or so and get outdoors. I finished placing all underlayment at 8:00 or so! No detecting and no flying, but deep down I know I made the right decision. It just wasn’t quite what I expected!

We left a note on the subfloor for someone in the future to find.


After a shower I couldn’t resist the temptation and got the bird built and almost ready for lift off.


I also wanted to pass along something I found today that worked quite well. I have always kept my good finds in tupperware dishes. Today I found a small Plano box that works well for keeping my keepers.



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