What is it? If only finds could talk!

Well lately I have been so busy knocking out my household honey do list that I haven’t gotten out to detect much. The only time I can get out is on my lunch break. There are a few of us in the metro area that have gotten permission to hunt a very large site that dates back to the 30’s. This site has had activity on it steadily since. When I say large I’m saying easily 5 city blocks but probably more. I would guess that we have spent a combined 10-12 hours at the site. The only problem none of us have found something really sweet yet. I have dug a few wheat pennies and Miner has as well. Where are the coins made of precious metal? Nobody knows..

I hunted this site today at lunch and didn’t find much until I spotted a clothes line that didn’t have snow under it. From a small 5 x 5 area I dug the following. A 1946 wheat, a 1949 wheat, a 1956 Pakistanian pie, and a USmarine corp button. When I first dug the pie I thought it was a small token. After returning to work I cleaned it up to find that it was a coin. The button I dug I had assumed was just off someones blue jeans. I can’t seem to date the button but I’m guessing it to be out of the same load of laundry. If only relics could talk… I will upload pictures when I get to work in the morning.

On a fun note I got my new plane ready to fly! I’m stoked to get her out.

Last night after I finished the kitchen floor I felt like having a beer. I went to the local liquor store, and for the first time I bought a six pack of beer based solely on the label. The pic below should explain.

Thanks for reading and Happy Hunting!






6 thoughts on “What is it? If only finds could talk!

  1. Keep hunting that site—there is something great there, I can feel it.
    As for the beer, too cool. Maybe I’ll bring some to the next hunt, where it can be appreciated for the name alone.

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