Just in the “nick” of time!

Well today over lunch I headed back to the site I discussed in yesterdays post. My time there started slowly but the picked up. I had dug only a few clad coins and then I dug a wheat penny (#7 from the site). I dug an old Ford key that was kind of cool. As I swung my Ace gave me a unfamiliar tone. It was a scratchy high tone with mixed mids. I dug this signal in hopes of finding a silver ring because they give up a similar sound based on the size of ring. I quickly realized that my target was in my plug and I could see an impression of a circular object. I was pleased to see a shiny coin looking at me. The first silver from the site came via a 1945 D war nickel. There are a few people who were ready to throw in the towel on this site. Not me! I returned after work with another area hunter and he found a 54 Roosevelt dime. Hopefully the trend continues!

Happy hunting and thanks for reading *\_ Steve




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