Wings, bricks, and the occasional hobbit

Well today was not a detecting day, it was however an exciting day for the eldest Ukena boy. We attended the WSU mindstorms competition. Kolton and a team of 8 other boys have been building, testing, and rebuilding bots for the last few weeks in preparation for today. There were 31 teams from beginner to advanced levels. 16 of those teams were beginners. You can see and read more about the challenge here. They had a great time and the robots did quite well. They finished up the day with a first place lego trophy in spirit and sportsmanship. They also took 2nd overall in the beginner division. It was nice to see their hard work pay off! It rained all day so detecting and flying were not in the cards. Tomorrow is a different story. I plan on getting out to detect for a few hours and hopefully fly for a bit. I took the bird out for the first time the other night and lets just say I had a hang up including tree limbs. A very quick rebuild and we are ready for round two!

Lego building, detecting, and flying oh my!




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