Well I’ve done it now…

Tonight I want to write about the happenings of Sunday and Monday. Sunday morning I woke up excited to go metal detecting. I called a few compadres but nobody took me up on my offer.. Why, I guess it had to do with it being 35 degrees, 30 mph winds, and spitting moisture slightly. Since it was just me and the weather sucked, I decided to stay close to home. I hunted an old school site that we have found many wheats and some silvers at. This is a school yard that has been used since 1911. I know other detectorists have hit it over the years but I’m certain there is more to be had. If you are slow, patient, and persistent there are goodies. I quickly dug 4 clad quarters which is unusual for me. The only notable find for me was a 1946 wheat cent.

Tonight after work I loaded the Ukena boys up and we were to go flying. We got to the field and my new plane wasn’t responding to my transmitter! I tried rebinding it as well as removing and replacing the battery. Nothing at all happened. I quickly came to the conclusion that we needed to recharge the battery. We quickly headed home and put the battery on the charger. After about 30 minutes later we headed back to the field. We flew the plane on 3 different flights and all three were successful. These were my first successful flights including landings. I have to say I owe it to my Iphone. I have been playing a simulation game called Absolute RC plane simulator. It helps tremendously!

No matter which hobby you enjoy; practice and it will pay off!

Thanks for reading!


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