Rekindled spirit

Well as I mentioned in Ravenous and Germy I purchased a new Rav 4. I bought it at the beginning of January. I’m sad to say that since then I hadn’t even started my motorcycle let alone ride it to work and back. This is partially due to the Rav being new and exciting. I have also loved the convenience of not having to break my detector down every time I go detecting. For those who know me they understand that this is the longest my bike has sat in its small portion of the garage. After 5 years of commuting on the motorcycle Nearly everyday, the break was needed. I got burnt out on riding it. This morning the thermometer was sitting on 37 degrees and the sun peaking over the horizon. I climbed aboard my little Vstar and away we went. As soon as I left my cul-de-sac and rolled on the throttle a flood of emotions came back. Between the feeling of a v twins vibration and the lean of two wheels I remembered why I loved motorcycling. I was ecstatic! I sent my wife a text message when I got to work sharing the feelings I had with her. I may have related it to mammals fornicating the same way everyday for 5 years. Yes, I am a man and I see the direct correlation in my mind. Eventually it would get dull even if it was the most exciting thing they had experienced in the beginning. Now then, after getting all the kids to bed I went night hunting. Since it was 9:30 pm I stayed close to home and went jewelry hunting at some local sports fields. No jewelry found but I did find some clad and relaxation on a great 50 degree night!

Happy hunting and be safe out there!


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