Spring break day 2 or 3.. I have lost track

Well this morning started out early. I had quite a bit of painting that still needed done. I didn’t have any volunteers to climb the scaffolding and ladders necessary to reach the areas that needed painting. It took me about an hour to tape everything while constantly moving my jungle gym around to reach things. I don’t usually complain about being 5’4 but it would be handy to be a little taller during this painting session. Anyways I spent right at 6 hours painting. We then had to make a trip to The hardware store to get some supplies. When we finished both Ukena boys wanted to get out and do something. I returned to a site that I have hunted a couple times that has produced silver coins, jewelry, and many wheats. This site also has many acres of empty land to play. The boys quickly found an area of sand that formerly had a playground. They also found some building materials that was left behind. Needless to say this kept them entertained while I detected for a couple hours. We decided to stop and get some dinner. They then wanted to play some more. We quickly found an older elementary school that offered both detecting and playgrounds that were quite impressive. We ended up detecting for another hour and a half. The only interesting find of the day was a coin from Kuwait that is a little smaller than a quarter. I don’t know much about foreign currency and this one isn’t much help as Kuwait is all I can read. During our time outdoors today I noticed something about my boys. If you remove video games, movies, and other distractions from their reach they actually play and have fun without argument. Many times I would stop detecting and just watch these two having a ball. It’s the simple things in life that make me happy! Tomorrow we may have to see if the bass are biting.. If we get our work done that is..

Happy hunting and thanks for reading!




3 thoughts on “Spring break day 2 or 3.. I have lost track

  1. Steve, reminds me of when my kids were little, and after school I would entice them to come with me to an old school, telling them they had great playground equipment. I was the ultimate con man, and today they never let me forget all those times I “lured” them to some school they had never heard of, simply so I could metal detect. I have a lot of guilt today, but we laugh about it.

  2. It’s sad that it seems so strange to recall days of playing outside. I rarely see children playing in the neighborhood anymore. They are all attached to their video games. Keep going to those playgrounds, it will pay off in more ways than one. ~DD

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