The calm before the storm??

This afternoon I got a call from a fellow metal detectorist. He wanted to know if I would like to join him for an after work hunt. The weather was great so I agreed. We met at the large site many guys have been hunting in town. I ended up being there for two hours. I started slowly in an area by myself. I then decided to meet up with my buddy. He had found a couple of wheats. I quickly continued the wheat trend. The Garrett was talking to me. I was hearing the subtlety of it’s tones. I swung my coil over a target and told my friend that it sounded like silver at 6 inches. He swings a Garrett ATPro which provides VDI numbers. The numbers were bouncing between 85 and 91. I decided to dig and was blessed with my 11th silver of the year. It is a 1961 Roosevelt dime.

The coolest find of the night was my buddies tootsie toy find. I am trying to con him into trading it for a couple silver coins. We shall see.

I’m glad we got out this evening before another little snow storm hits us this weekend.

Thanks for reading and Happy Hunting *\_




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