It’s all so foreign to me..

Tonight I went over to the local sports fields. It was dusk, 35 degrees, and the wind was blowing. I decided to hunt under a metal soccer goal that isn’t being used this spring. I see kids climbing this particular goal all the time. I quickly found a couple of memorial cents and several pulltabs. I then got a decent signal at 4 inches. I dug my plug and flipped it over. I realized I was looking for multiple targets because my propointer detected something in the plug as well as the sidewall of the hole. I turned on my energizer headlamp to find the first target. I found a coin rim and gently pulled it out. I could tell it was a foreign coin but I couldn’t clearly see the markings due to the thick clay soil. I put the first target in my back pocket. I then focused on target #2. I found it and could tell it was a foreign coin as well. I couldn’t see any details on it either. I slid it in my back pocket and continued. I stayed out for almost an hour and found some clad. I then headed home to clean and show off my neat items. I realized that one of my foreign coins was gone. I knew immediately what had happened. I was wearing bulky gloves that had kept the coin from actually making it in the “pock”. I explained to queen Ukena that I needed to go back and find it. I had remembered the exact location that I had recovered it. When I got back there I grabbed the Propointer and swept about a 5’x5′ area and sure enough the recovered coin was recovered again. I can’t express how helpful the Propointer is. It has totally changed how quickly a target is recovered. I would be lost without it. When I returned home I cleaned up the coins to find oriental writing on them. a quick google search shows me they are 10 and 50 yen. If my eyes and research are right they are from the mid 1960’s. they do have a strange way of calculating age though. It goes by dynasty and then number of years the dynasty has reigned. it’s kind of hard not knowing what all the symbols mean. I can’t explain the increase in foreign coins found this year but I have already found more than last year.

Happy Hunting and thanks for reading/looking *\_




5 thoughts on “It’s all so foreign to me..

  1. When I hunt playing fields, I always try and stick to the edges of the field, out of respect for those using it. This winter, however, the ground was pretty frozen on the outskirts, and it being January and no one would be using the field for the next few months, I wandered into the center where it seemed the ground was a bit muddy and soft. I got three signals very close to each other and they turned out to be 2 large cents and a CT copper, all 3 in great condition. I’m not promoting digging up fields, because I think its wrong. I think the universe was just giving me a nudge in the right direction that day. For the record, I’m a neat digger, and left no sign behind that I had been there. I love finding the strangest things in the oddest places.
    Great story, and congrats on your finds!

    1. Diva, I am pretty fortunate that this field consists of about 6 actual smaller fields. They play all of the tiny tyke games on here. They use different sized fields for fall and spring sessions. This always gives me new out of bounds areas.

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