Well it has happened.

After much thought we have decided to start a metal detecting group for everyone in the Wichita Area. We have created Wheat State Treasure Hunters. We will keep the webpage up to date and active. You can check it out at www.wheatstatetreasurehunters.wordpress.com. I have been hunting with some of these guys for over a year and it is always a good time. I think as the group matures we will have a group full of fun, helpful, and always witty hunters. The group isn’t going to be like most MD’ing clubs in regards to it’s infrastructure. We won’t have a president, treasurer, or club politics and dues. We simply want to get together and talk metal detectors, theory, proper research, and finds. Our group hunts will not be formal either. A simple phone call or email asking who wants to join on a hunt will suffice. If you metal detect in the Wichita Area or have thought about getting into the hobby I hope you will join us.


Happy “group” hunting and thanks for reading.



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