Weekend in review..

Well this weekend has been stressful, exciting, and exhausting all rolled into a little bundle I would call life. Friday night I went detecting at a little neighborhood park. It was all good until several teenage boys decided to make their presence known. It didn’t get ugly but they sure know how to ruin a nice tranquil hunt. In this particular park I have found all kinds of stuff and it truly is a mixed bag. I ended the night with a bunch of clad and a fair amount of trash. Saturday morning I had to start replacing the laminate on our counter tops and spent pretty much all day doing that. There was a short hiatus where the eldest Ukena boy had baseball practice and I managed to detect for about a half hour. I took $.39 for my efforts. Sunday started with me going to work for a few hours and then we had a family wanting to look at our house that we put on the market a few days ago. It seems as though we will have a contract written soon. This is all happening much quicker than I expected.. Anyways to celebrate I decided I would go hunt the “ol church”; It is a rural turn of the century church that has produced for me quite consistently. The second target I dug was a keeper in the form of a 1930 mercury dime. I feel blessed finding anything at this site because it is highly iron infested. I know at least two detectorists have missed this coin in the past. I continued on and found a 1944 wheatie. This confirms my idea of a site never being hunted out! This is the same site I discussed in “mixed signals and mixed emotions”.



Wheat State Treasure Hunters

Today I was talking to PulltabMiner and we decided that Linwood Park would be a good place to hold our first meeting. Be sure to join us for some fun on Cinco de Mayo. You can get all the information on the clubs site. We look forward to seeing old friends and making new ones.



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