Truth and honesty

In this post I want to talk about the truths and honesty of metal detecting. I have been at this hobby for almost a year and a half. I have found what I feel to be a fair amount of good things. Lately though I am doubting some things. Last year I was amazed at one Wichita hunter who pulls silver coins quite consistently. I thought it was because of a high end machine. I now believe I was wrong. It is the fact that he knew his machine. For those of you that read Pulltab Miners blog he has recently been doing a fantastic job with his machine which he has named “Maurice”. He has had the machine for somewhere between 6 months and a year. A few months ago he learned something about it and now he is on a roll. Kudos to him for learning something different.

I have seen videos on the net about people digging a target and being surprised it was a coin. Their detectors didn’t say it was a coin but it was. What I am starting to realize is that I need to have a more intimate relationship with my machine. I need to start digging deeper iffier signals. I have said it many times that I think the Ace 250 sees coins very deep even if it doesn’t register them as so on the display. We all should learn to hear what our detectors are telling us. That is the key that can close the gap between good signals and deep old coins. For Ace 250 users I know our machines are pretty honest in the top 6-7 inches. Deeper than that and I’m guessing the dialect changes..

Wheat State Treasure Hunters

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Happy Hunting and Thanks for reading!
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One thought on “Truth and honesty

  1. I think there’s a time when every detectorist has had his fill of the “routine” finds, and decides he needs to do things differently, or at least try. The first thing they think of? Those “whispers”. Those extemely faint audio signals that were never dug.

    I know I’ve been there, and probably need to go back and start doing it again. We tend to move quick, dig the obvious and ignore the lesser audio signals. Those are indeed usally the keepers.

    Likewise, so much of our success is dictated by our frame of mind. Head out in the morning with a good attitude, and chances are you will return home happy. On the flip side, head out with things bothering you, and you will probably come home unhappy.

    Then again I am 71 years old, and can remember what I had for breakfast today.

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