Bounty of the fields.. Part 1

Well last night I had an opportunity to hunt a field that I have been researching and seeking permission to hunt for the last six months or so. This field has had activity on it since the mid 1870’s. It is a large field that is freshly plowed. The tenant that farms it will be planting corn soon. I only had about 45 minutes to hunt and I managed to find a couple goodies. I look forward to hunting this field as often as possible. The coolest part of the evening was when a man wanted to see what we were doing. He started telling me his 11 year old son had a detector. I encouraged him to attend a meeting of the Wheat State Treasure Hunters.

1966 Kennedy Half Dollar (First Half I’ve ever dug)


Livestock band from a local farmer that used the field sometime in the past.


Wheat State Treasure Hunters
I am the one keeping track of members of the group and noticed something that is neat. Out of about 25 people who want to participate we have 5 ladies. I have to think the Detecting Diva would find this satisfying. I hope that as the group progresses we see families and children getting involved.

Happy Hunting and thanks for reading!

Steve *\_

2 thoughts on “Bounty of the fields.. Part 1

  1. Cool 40 perncenter you got there! It is extremely cool to see the ladies getting involved in the hobby.

    It would tickle me to no end to see a women’s detecting group splinter from here. I believe it would be the first one of it kind in the country. We’re such trailblazers!

  2. It’s a hobby that is difficult for women to get involved in, mostly because it’s male dominated and a lot of women get intimidated.
    Even so, I’ve been seeing a lot more women getting involved lately, and I hope it’s a trend.

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