Winter Woes..

Well, today we have had quite the weather change here in Kansas. Over the last weekend we had temps hovering in the 60’s during the day. Today that all changed and it was rainy, cloudy, and barely made it into the mid 30’s. That being said I didn’t get any detecting in today. Hopefully the weather will break for us tomorrow and I will get some swing time in. Pulltab Miner and I have been discussing taking a one day road trip and I am looking forward to it. I have heard that the places we are discussing regularly give up very old coins (for Kansas anyway). I rode the bike home from work today and it was a balmy 37 degrees. I bundled up in my winter gear and the ride was fantastic. I have been riding year round for the last 4 years or so and thought I would make a list of my winter gear. I would much rather ride in the cooler weather than the 100+ temps that are just around the corner. Here is a list of my gear that makes the cooler temps tolerable. I don’t use electric heating devices and I have rode many many mornings that barely break into double digits. Happy scooting.

Helmet– You would be amazed at how much a full faced helmet keeps you warm.

Jacket– I have three different jackets I can wear that all have their pros and cons.
Tourmaster Intake II- This jacket is by far may favorite riding coat. It is a mesh synthetic coat that has armor in it. In addition it has a rain/wind proof layer that zips into it, as well as a thermal layer that will zip into it as well. I can use any combination in cold weather and just the mesh shell in warm weather.

High viz yellow construction coat- This coat I where when it is cold. It is high viz yellow with reflective tape. I love this coat mainly because of the high viz yellow. Day or night people see me faster and I stick out in traffic. Motorist may see me and chuckle but at least they see me.

Long underwearWhen on the bike I will wear a great pair of long johns from a company called Hot Chilly’s. They are lightweight but keep me warm when needed and cool when I don’t need the warmth. Some have called them my ballet pants but they work well all around.

Gloves– I actually don’t wear glove much at all. I prefer mittens when it get’s cold. We have a great local ski shop that has all kinds of mittens and liners. I personally have gone through 5 or 6 pairs of gloves before learning about ski mittens. They work great!

Balaclava– When it get’s cold I wear a Balaclava under my helmet. Mine covers the adams apple as well which helps tremendously.

Wind layer– I have both rain/wind pants as well as a high quality rain jacket. Both of these items are a necessity when riding in cooler weather.

All in all riding in cooler temps isn’t bad as long as you have the right gear. Layer up and feel the rumble.


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