Good things happening!

Well tonight I want to write about some happenings that make me happy.

O’Fallen Missouri passed an ordinance a couple weeks ago that required all items dug by those metal detecting to be turned into the city. Luckily many people who enjoy the hobby rallied together and they are going to go back and rewrite the ordinance to be sensible. This is the kind of stuff that we need to band together about. I’m glad that the political folks in O’Fallen took our words to heart and seem to be listening. I call that a success!

Wheat State Treasure Hunters
Wheat State Treasure Hunters is now on Facebook. The group is hoping that this will enable our members to communicate outside of our meetings. Be sure to Like the group on Facebook for up to date information. We will announce meetings, finds, and hunt information there.

Arkies and MD’ers working together..
Minelab metal detectors and the folks at Montpelier are working together to uncover some of our countries history. On more of a local level I was talking to Pulltab Miner and he mentioned that an archaeological intern at the local university had commented on his blog. The intern is doing a report about one of his favorite parks to hunt. Is this a sign that things could progress? Time will tell…

Happy Hunting and Thanks for reading!


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