One little, two little

Well today I spent most of the day with the family doing stuff around the house. At about 4:30 my oldest son and I headed out. I decided to hit one of my “honey holes” that is tough to hunt due to the iron. I have mentioned this site in my blog several times and I feel blessed to have ongoing permission to hunt it. I have invited several area hunters to hunt this site and it just keeps on giving. Today’s finds were the deepest coin finds I’ve had here. I’m not sure if it is due to the rain we’ve had or my removal of trash that led to my finds today. I know for a fact that this area has been swung over multiple times.

About 10 minutes in I dug my first coin. a 1905 Indian Head Penny. This coin was at a good 7″.


I continued on and got another good signal. Out pops a 1917 wheat penny, I scan the hole with my propointer and found the next coin a 1912 wheatie, i repeated the process and out came my second Indian of the day.


The silver eluded me but I still had a blast with my Ace!


7 thoughts on “One little, two little

    1. Thanks Diva, all in all this site has been very good to me. It is a very small area that continues to produce. Pulltab Miner and I asked the same question, “how have those coins been missed?”. These finds solidify our thoughts that a place is never hunted out..

    1. Dick, this site has quickly become one of my favorite sites. It has produced time and time again. It is an old church that is still in use so I detect it in little spurts. I think it could hold a gold coin!

  1. More great finds, congrats! I managed to find my first “silvers” this year with two Mercury dimes. It’s a nice feeling getting past the stigma of not finding silver. How does the ACE 250 signal Indian Head pennies if I may ask? I noticed mine signals mercury dimes as “pull tab, penny, dime” at approx. 5-6″. I’ve searched the internet heavily looking info. on other ACE 250 users experiences with coin readings. I’ve learned a lot from Daddydigger videos when he ran the ACE 250 and his experience, and your blog as well. Have you ever thought about creating a section for the ACE 250 and the different signals coins have produced? I’m thinking it might reveal patterns and clues with different soil conditions. I appreciate your blog and enjoy visiting it for inspiration for my hunts. Best of luck and finds.

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