Bravo! The program

Well tonight I was listening to the American Digger Relic Roundup. I have to say that I have been listening to this radio show for the last few months and I enjoy the material that they bring to the table. Tonight they continued a discussion with the Director of archaeology at Montpelier, Matt Reeves. I was very intrigued by this show and enjoyed much of it. There were a few things that bugged me about it. Here ya go..

1- I think the idea is awesome and I would love to be involved in the program. Unfortunately it is a quite expensive program for the week. If I remember correctly it is upwards of $1,000.
2- When a caller posed the question of whether or not there were plans to expand the program the response was no. This just makes things seem elite. I would love to see manufacturers other than Minelab get on board with the idea of everyone working in harmony. I would love to be able to help out on a local level.
3- I have to wonder if the Montpelier project is getting as much archaeology attention as it is in the detecting community. I think if the archaeological community could see the benefits of having md’ers around it could start a change.

If I happen to have an local and open minded archaeologist that views my blog; please take note that we as detecting enthusiasts would love to learn more about your processes and goals. Who knows maybe we can help each other fulfill a common goal.

Thanks for reading and Happy Hunting!


3 thoughts on “Bravo! The program

  1. I’ve also noticed how much attention the Montpelier project has been getting. It’s great for the detecting community, and I’m disappointed they are not going to expand on it. I doubt its getting as much attention in the archaeological community but thats JMO.

    Minelab is very proactive in the detecting community. It’s unfortunate the other manufacturers are lagging behind in this area, it always seems by the time they get on board, Minelab already has all the press.

    Baby steps I guess. Hopefully we will see more programs like that and more involvement from the other manufacturers in the future.

  2. My thought is that the archaeological community wants nothing to do with any future projects like this, and it’s just another crumb they throw out from time to time. I also think that things like this might interest a detectorist initially, but participating is something else. JMO.

    1. Dick, I think you are probably correct in the first part of your comment. Regarding the second portion you maybe correct. The parts that would intrigue me the most would probably the most elementary portions of archaeology. I would love to learn about preservation, cataloging, and dating items.

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