Where there is wheat there is….

Well, tonight I want to write on my newest frustration. I have been hunting some pretty good sites and the silver is eluding me. I have dug 10 wheats and 2 Indian pennies in the last week or so. These coins range from 1905-1958.. I’m not complaining because I love the Indian Head pennies. My mind goes back to a lunch hunt I had with Pulltab Miner when I had just started detecting. We were hunting an older park in Wichita and I had the privelege of seeing him dig an Indian Head. I was quickly amazed because I had never seen one before. I now love seeing the wreaths on the back of a copper coin. Now, I have heard many people say that where there are wheat pennies there is silver. I completely agree with them but I sure wish I could prove it to myself. I know that everyone goes through slumps but man there are a few coins on my wish list for the year and I think I am in the right places to find them. Patience will pay off.

Wheat State Treasure Hunters

I wanted everyone to know that I had a great time at our fist meeting. I look forward to see the group progresses in the future. I would like to say that I am having a little trouble getting a news source to cover our “stand up, clean up” initiative. If you happpen to know someone locally in the media please give them the clubs contact info.

Thanks for reading and Happy Hunting!

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