Mixed emotions

Well tonight I want to write about mixed emotions on a couple different levels.

Our Foreign exchange student is leaving in the morning. I can say that she will be missed dearly. Our year has gone very well. I love having a student from another country living with us. The departure is always emotional. Tonight I was asking her a few questions and I told her that I would love to see her parents face when they see her for the first time in 9 months. With sadness comes happiness I suppose. We have decided to not have an exchange student for the next couple of years. I will miss the experience but after having 5 students in 5 years our family feels like we need a break.

Since being in a silver slump I am thinking very seriously about a detector upgrade. This doesn’t mean that I don’t love my Ace250 though. I think there are a few things that are causing my slump.

A: Research- I firmly believe that a site is never hunted out. That being said I think a site can be hunted out to the operator and machine capabilities. I have a few sites that I have hunted for over 40 hours. This means walking over the same 100 sq. ft of ground many, many times. I need to find more good sites that fit me and my machine.

B: Keep them separated- I think the biggest issue I’m running into is target separation. It is common knowledge that the Ace Series of detectors doesn’t have a super fast recovery time. This is why I put the 8 x 11 DD coil on my Ace. It made a world of difference. This is emotional because as I have mentioned before I love my little Ace 250. I told PulltabMiner the other day that I will never be without it.

C: I don’t want to be too Stout- I have been reading Mr. Stouts Blog for quite sometime. I can imagine that I will feel as he has mentioned about his detectors. He recently purchased a White’s 6000di Series 2 detector. Not because it has all the bells or whistles but simply because that model had a soft spot in his heart. He has mentioned also that he doesn’t want to learn a new machine which I totally understand. I have found many goodies with my Ace but I also think it would be fun to learn a new machine. I can understand both sides of the fence which leaves me with Mixed Emotions.

Happy Hunting and Thanks for Reading!

3 thoughts on “Mixed emotions

  1. Steve, by all means look for a new detector. That’s part of the process…..a new machine means a new start, new outlook and a positive feeling. I went through a lot of upgrades when I started out, and loved them all.

    Please don’t listen to my ramblings. I will be 72 in a couple of weeks, and I am just too old to (1) spend a lot of money on a new detector (2) take the time needed to learn all the many bells/whistles/controls and settings some of them have and (3) I am not able to spend a lot of time in the field anymore. My neuropathy and arthritis have just gotten the better of me.

    Lastly my MXT Pro has decent depth, and is still capable of finding silver. I too must branch out and find a few new sites….

    Have fun with the pastime. Always be looking to upgrade and see what lies over the horizon. I miss those days a great deal. Good luck….

    1. Dick, My biggest fear is buying a new machine and then finding out that it doesn’t perform any better than the Ace. I wish Garrett would release an Ace 250 SS. The SS is always faster right? I am pleased with the depth, weight, and ease of use the Ace offers. The recovery speed is the only thing lacking. I can’t afford the detector I would pick if money were no object. It’s super fast, super lightweight, and only cost’s $1700. I will upgrade but until then I just have to work harder… I am
      Very excited to run a faster machine through some of my Iron infested sites… One day it will happen. Oh and as far as age goes. It’s a mute topic. Just being outdoors is time well spent. I would much rather sit outdoors and do nothing than be inside! Swinging a machine that finds neat stuff sometimes is just a bonus.

  2. Steve, not sure what the SS means? Guess that’s an indication of how far removed I am now. I have the same problem now with my old 6000di in that it’s slow to recover, but I took it out the other day at a local school, and it performed pretty well.

    Age may seem like a mute topic to you at this time, but remember Dick Stout warned you….LOL.

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