Possibly the most fun part of metal detecting

Tonight I want to write about what may be the most fun part of metal detecting. A couple weeks ago I stopped by a very well maintained farm home that appeared to be from the turn of the century. I made my way to the front door. I knocked a couple of times but nobody answered. As I turned to leave I noticed that there was a herding dog that had snuck up behind me. I have had several herding dogs and they come with one personality trait that everyone should know about. They rarely attack from the front. They will wait until you turn your back to them and then immediately try to get on your heels. Knowing this I lowered down to the dogs level and showed it that I wasn’t scared and that I wasn’t there to hurt anything. The dog didn’t want to be warm and friendly but the growling did cease. I progressed to the truck without incident. Once I got home I started doing some research on the homestead and the home was built in 1908. Tonight while driving by I noticed a car in the drive and a couple of lights on. I had to stop and see about detecting around the property. I had a very pleasent conversation with the lady that lives in the home and two young kiddos. Come to find out the home has been in the family since it was built. We discussed the possibilities of a shadow box showing the relics I find. I think this is such a cool aspect of detecting around old farmsteads. In the end she needed to discuss it with her father-in-law about having me metal detecting the property. I hope that the opportunity comes to fruition because these are my favorite types of places to hunt. It is always fun to see the smile on the face of someone who hasn’t seen a forgotten relic that was lost years before. I also like the way the finds from these places take us back to the simpler life of years ago.

Hope to be happy hunting soon!

3 thoughts on “Possibly the most fun part of metal detecting

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    Now that’s a cool twist on the getting-permission issue. Are you offering to provide the shadow box? They’re not expensive from what I have seen.

  2. My friend, it falls on me to make you aware of the evil out in the world. Spammers have bots that harvest email addresses and cell phone numbers from unsuspecting people on the web. You may want to modify your email address posted here a tad bit to try to avoid the spammer’s bots.

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