Wows and Woes

Well tonight I want to talk quickly about the wows and woes of this silly hobby.

Woes- Don’t expect something good every time you go out. I am working on a six week silver slump. I’m not sure why but it is discouraging. I hope it turns around soon and luckily finding silver coins isn’t the only part of the hobby that makes it great.

Wows- The last two days have been tremendously fun. The weather has been great and the company I have held makes it even better. On Saturday I took my little sister detecting. She had been wanting to get out with me for quite some time. We had a good time and I am guessing that the detecting bug will bite her sooner than later. We didn’t have any jaw dropping finds but we did have a great time. Today we had our second Wheat State Treasure Hunters meeting. We were a little unorganized due to event conflicts at our location and a little lack of planning. Everyone still seemed to have a good time and I had the opportunity to help a young lady learn the basic operation of her detector. After I got all the Ukena boys ready to call it a night I slipped away to one of my honey holes. It is a rural farms that is pre 1900’s. It was such a beautiful evening that I ended up spending more time talking to the homeowner than I did detecting. It is always interesting learning more history from someone who knows all about the happenings of 100 years ago.

In the end I can say the friendships and people I have met in this hobby are well worth it.

Happy Hunting and Thanks for reading!


One thought on “Wows and Woes

  1. I usually find something, but never expect anything.
    Don’t give up on the slump, it happens.
    The new club sounds like its off to a good start, and helping others learn can be rewarding. Good luck on the farm!

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