First off I want to apologize for not posting anything in awhile. I just haven’t found anything that I felt was blog worthy. I have found some interesting stuff over the last few days though. I have been spending more time at one of Wichita’s oldest parks. I first hunted this park last summer and other detectorists told me to proceed with caution. It seems as fellow  MDer’s have not had pleasant experiences in this park. To date I haven’t had any issues hunting in this park. It has been quite the opposite in fact. People are always asking how things are going and if I’ve found anything. I have been hunting this park before work and it kind of feels like an office or church on a Sunday morning. Everyone I see says good morning.. Over the last two days I have found some cool stuff including wheats, a buffalo, and other old relics out of a relatively small area and I’m certain that the silver coins I long for are lurking close. Hopefully these finds will give me the momentum I need to find it. What I really need to find is the metal trunk that Pulltab Miner said he found in this park and gave up on digging.. I can’t help but wonder what is in it. 


One thought on “Momentum

  1. In my experience, dry weather and soil produce more silver, wet weather and soil produce more copper. Not sure if there’s any basis to it, but those seem to be my results. Good luck in your quest and Happy Hunting!

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