Yes you may…

This weekend I taught a MSF class all weekend. Saturday I managed to get out and do some site hunting. I stumbled upon an area that caught my attention. As I made a turn on a country road I noticed sidewalks to nowhere. I quickly noticed that there was some mature landscaping in place. I pulled in the drive and found the homeowners tending to their horses. I asked about the area and was blown away by what I learned. The house that previously stood on this plot was built by the town banker in the 1870’s. They granted me permission to metal detect around and we spent quite some time discussing local history. I was contemplating going ahead and detecting as it started raining on me. In my desire to get started detecting this property I had to head over there tonight. The youngest Ukena boy and I headed over there for a short hunt. I had planned on spending about 45 minutes hunting the site. That got shortened by a dirty diaper. In the first 15 minutes I had dug a few old relics quite shallow. I am totally stoked to get back out there. Next weekend can’t get here quickly enough.

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