Monday Eve Mojo

Well tonight I couldn’t resist the temptation to hunt my newest site. I am planning a trip back there this weekend and after tonight I am even more excited. Things started out kind of slowly and the detecting was a little tough due to high grass. I had dug a couple neat relics that will be returned to the property owner once cleaned, dated, and preserved (I kind of wish I had an arkie to help with this). I finally got a nice dime signal at 4″, I dug my plug and saw the shiny reeded edge. Finally my silver curse was broken and #14 was in the pouch. It is a beautiful 1942 liberty dime.


I meandered around and dug a few square nails, an old doorbell, and then my second coin of the evening a 1928D wheat penny. I quickly got another coin signal and found a 1908 Indian Head penny. Once I got home I looked up the values of the coins and was pleasantly surprised at the value of the wheat. Then I moved to the Indian section of I saw the value of a 1908S and was hopeful. In the end the Indian wasn’t an S. I’m not complaining because this is the best hunt I have had in a month and a half. I am thankful that Queen Ukena tolerates me and this crazy hobby. While on the way home I called her to share my excitement and told her that I was sensing the need to go detecting tonight. Sometimes the inner voice whispers and I listen. Over the last month I have been doubting my skills, machine, and research but nights like tonight prove that you just have to get all three variables meshing and you will be rewarded. I would like to publicly thank the property owners as I am optimistic that this site still holds many cool things underfoot!


Happy Hunting and thanks for reading!
*\_ Steveouke


6 thoughts on “Monday Eve Mojo

  1. Sounds like a great site that offers a lot of potential….Keep us updated….

    “I kind of wish I had an arkie to help with this…” Be careful what you wish for.

  2. Dick and Allyson, I should have said that differently. I wish I had an Arkies knowledge when it comes to dating, cleaning, and preserving finds. I don’t want to rub elbows with them. David, I’m excited to see what other goodies the site produces!

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