Frolicking on Fathers day

I wanted to write today about my Fathers day. Being a Father of 3 sons makes everyday a great day. There are days that they drive me crazy. There are days they make me proud. There are days that the make me laugh. In the end I’m just thankful that Queen Ukena and I have been blessed with them. This Fathers day was different than other Fathers days. I started the day doing some home maintenance. I finished up with that at around 11:00. We then headed to a family/friends get together where we enjoyed a ton of fresh seafood and some adult beverages. My Father-in-law showed up with a concoction of beer, vodka, and limeade that was quite refreshing in the warm weather. Needless to say it was a good time. I had made plans a couple weeks ago to meet up with Pulltab Miner and another area hunter at 3:00 so our stay at the party got cut a little short. We all met at the site I wrote about in Yes You May and Monday Eve Mojo. This site is a very cool old homestead that belonged to the local banker in the 1870’s. We were super excited to get our hunt started. I walked about 30 feet into the front yard and turned my machine on. Before I put my headphones on Miner was excited about a signal he was digging… The first swing of his machine he pulled a buffalo nickel! This just got our blood pumping that much more. It didn’t take us long to learn that this site was extremely infested with iron. Within an hour or so Miner had found an Indian to go with his buffalo. I managed to pull a couple of old wheat pennies (1919S & 1920). We ended up hunting for about 4 hours and I can tell you that was quite the feat in the heat. The three of us did manage some pretty cool relics for the homeowner. They are involved heavily in the historical society and asked for the relics. We found square nails, harmonica and accordion parts, buttons, pieces of horse tack, and other things. By far the best find of the day came from the other area hunter. He found a Sterling Silver spoon that we think to be a teaspoon. We could see that it said Sterling but the makers mark was quite worn. Once the homeowner gets the piece cleaned it may become clearer. I can tell you that these property owners are the most involved that I have ever seen. They blessed us with a big jug of cool water, mowed the grass nice and short for us, and took our relics in to give them the initial cleaning. I love the way some property owners enjoy seeing the little pieces of history we find. We will definitely be hunting this property more but maybe we should do it when the thermometer isn’t pushing triple digits!

Thank you to everyone that made my Fathers day a great day.

Happy Hunting and Thanks for reading!
*\_ Steveouke


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