My first time with Twins..

Let’s start by saying this isn’t shocking news from Queen Ukena. It’s also not the male fantasy that is so popular. However, it is a first for me. This morning I stopped by my favorite before work park to do some detecting. I parked the bike, pieced together the Ace, and got to swinging (my metal detector that is). After a few minutes the Ace told me there was something good in the hole. It didn’t sound like a round object but it seemed good enough to dig. I was pleasantly surprised to see a 1941D Wheat Penny. I rescanned my hole and plug and received another sweet sound. To my surprise it was another wheat penny. It was even more cool that it too was a 1941D. I checked for any other signals and came up with a beavertail from those old style pulltabs. I continued the hunt and found a few pulltabs and a common nickel. Needless to say I think the warmer weather is promoting my gold fever.






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