Sultry summer

Sunday I returned to the homestead that I’ve been hunting. I was only there for about an hour. I found some neat relics and one copper coin that was unidentifiable. The copper coin ended up being a 1953 wheat penny which I believe had been through a fire. I will wait a couple of weeks to reveal the other relics because they are getting cleaned. I have been searching for a way to remove rust from iron that wouldn’t damage the relic. I do believe I found it but I won’t know for sure for a couple weeks. The concoction I’m trying is 1 part molasses to 8 parts of water. I have seen quite a few promising results that made me decide to try it. The bad news is it takes two weeks to work it’s magic.

As I right this it is thundering and lightning out. I hope this leads to some rain. We need it as the ground is getting quite hard due to mid 90 temps and steady winds.

Happy hunting and thanks for reading!
*\_ Steveouke


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