Talking two wheels, detecting, and geocaching

Tonight I want to discuss a few things about two wheels.. For those of you that have followed my blog for awhile you know I love two wheels with a motor. Like many kids I grew up on two wheels without a motor. I can honestly say I haven’t spent much time on a bicycle since I was 14-15 years old. Recently my Queen mentioned going on family bike rides. I instantly said lets do it! I always loved riding bikes and spent many hours a day on them when younger. There was only one problem. I didn’t own a bike. Finding a bicycle without spending a fortune was a challenge. The biggest problem was that I needed a small or extra small frame. These bikes are not easy to find used. I ended up finding a bike I liked at Dicks. It is a Nishiki Pueblo with a 16″ frame which is pushing my limit. Now given I didn’t buy my bike from a bike shop I got home and instantly started checking nuts, bolts, shifting, and other adjustments. It struck me that I was doing a T-CLOCS inspection on my bicycle. For those that have never been through a motorcycle safety class take a look at the diagram below (you should do it on your car as well). I am excited to be back on the non motorized bike; so much so that I took my shiki for a nice three mile ride to get a few a few groceries this evening. I look forward to spending time as a family adventuring places a car just cannot go.

Don’t think I would put out a post that didn’t talk metal detecting. I already have plans to get a detector bag so that I can ride to the multiple sites I have within a few miles of home. It is quite obvious that doing some pedaling won’t hurt my physique any! I also think it would be fun to take the bikes out geocaching. I wander who makes an Iphone mount for a bicycle?

Happy hunting whether it be metal detecting, geocaches, or just peace of mind and relaxation!

*\_ Steveouke



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