Recent happenings

Well the last few days have been exciting. This isn’t due to super finds but for other things. Sunday I attended the monthly Wheat State Treasure Hunters meeting. There were many new faces in attendance. It amazes me how many people we have in the Wichita area that detect. The other thing that intrigues me is how many people rely on older machines to find the goods. While at the meeting I noticed several people using detectors that are as old as I am. They know their machines and what the machines are telling them. I have said it many times that technology in detectors is great but means nothing if you don’t know how to use it.

The Hunt
I haven’t been hunting much because of the heat and dry conditions. I did manage to dig many pulltabs at my favorite morning park yesterday in my attempts at finding gold. Last night I went to a new to me site and didn’t find a single coin. I did find some interesting artifacts including square nails and an old WM Rogers butter knife that is silver plate. I’m trying to pin down a date which is tough due to the fact there are so many designs that are similar. Hopefully we will get some rain so I can actually dig in the local clay and retrieve some of the deeper signals at the site. The fact that square nails were found makes me optimistic that I’m in the right area.

Happy Hunting and thanks for reading!



3 thoughts on “Recent happenings

  1. Hello Steve, Bob here from Osawatomie Ks been reading your postings from day one & like them, keep up the great work. You make metal detecting sound relaxing & care free as we do. Me & wife belong to the (Mid West Artifact Society) out of Overland Park Ks. Wife is the Secretary.& l’m the Master at arms. We been metal Detecting for about 7 years now an really enjoy it. And as for the rain We get our rain first.

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