Early morning silver and a big day coming up!

Well now that I teased you by putting silver in the title I want to talk about the second part of the title. It’s the more important part of this post!

Big Day Tomorrow
Tomorrow is the day that we go represent Wheat State Treasure Hunters in a meeting with the City of Wichita Parks and Recreation Department. In this meeting we will find out more details about working with them in educating newcomers to the hobby about the ethics and laws regarding our hobby. I am excited to see the details and hopefully come to an agreement that works well for everyone! I am also hopeful that this will lead to other clubs and cities working together to ensure our hobby stays alive and well!

Morning silver
This morning I stopped by my favorite morning hunt park. I detected around for about 45 minutes. I was digging plenty o pulltabs and bottlecaps when I got a pretty sweet dime signal that had some iron drop off. This is a pretty classic bottlecap signal. I decided to dig it. At 4″ I found a large corroded nail. Then I saw a glimpse of shine. It was the end of a solid silver bracelet. It has no markings but it will melt just fine.

Happy Hunting and Thanks for reading!

*\_ steveouke



2 thoughts on “Early morning silver and a big day coming up!

  1. Hey, good luck tomorrow. You and Dave are doing all the right things from my perspective. Let us all know how it goes tomorrow, and congrats on the silver!

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