The big day

Well as I mentioned yesterday today we met with the City of Wichita. PulltabMiner and I met for our meeting at 3:30. We were quickly greeted by two executives and an intern. We sat down in a big conference room and started talking. We discussed who we are and what our goals were. We quickly learned that the parks and recreation division manager had some history with metal detecting. She had done some land and water detecting. She had also worked in a city that had put a permit into effect. We all agreed that this was not the way we wanted the hobby to be in Wichita. We continued the conversation and got into details. Miner and I are pretty certain we will agree to the following terms. I think this is a huge step to preserving our hobby in the Wichita area.

What will Wheat State do?
1: As a club we will adopt a park to pick up trash in 2-4 times a year.
2: We will perform a few classes throughout the year about our hobby. These will include laws, machine types, basic use, research, and ethics.

What will the city do?
1: The city will give us a reserved shelter to meet in. We will provide a schedule to them of which parks we want to use and when.
2: They will publish our classes in their activity guides that are distributed to residents. These guides give residents many classes to choose from that cover all kinds of hobbies/activities around the city.
3: The city will help us out with local resources and experts on topics such as the best way to dig holes without killing sod etc. Miner and I have wanted such a person since before our first meeting. We think we are doing it the best way possible, but are we?

The end of the meeting came with all parties excited to partner up and work together. I personally hope this relationship lasts for along time and helps many people understand the silly hobby we are hopelessly addicted to.

Happy Hunting and Thanks for reading!

*\_ steveouke!


3 thoughts on “The big day

  1. Sounds like you guys scored a win….really have to wonder though whether the guy from the city is going to be able to do better than you all when it comes to digging? Let us know how all that comes out.

    Great job everybody….have a feeling you might be getting a few new members, especially after you start the classes.

    1. Dick, I too but our fair city has a full greenhouse/botany department. If nothing else they can confirm we are doing everything right. Do you have any ideas for some type of existing curriculum for the classes? If we have to create it I need to get to work!

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