What a weekend.. Spent a bunch of time outside

Well, this weekend was the first time in almost 11 years that my wife and I didn’t have the responsibility of children. All three Ukena boys spent the weekend with their grandmother. Queen Ukena and I had been planning this weekend for awhile. We started out with a bike ride in Wichita. We spent several hours driving through Delano, College Hill, and Downtown. We managed to ride for right at 10 miles. To my surprise I wasn’t totally dead today. I think this was due to several stops at shops, fountains, and just resting whenever we felt like resting. When we went to pick up all three boys I decided to be brave and ride my bike home. It was 14 miles I thought I could shave some mileage and traffic interference by taking some good old country dirt roads. This plan wouldn’t have been bad except for the fact that it had been raining all morning. It was a little sloppy, wet, and very tough riding. I did manage to make it with only a few rests. While I was riding I received a text message from another member of Wheat State Treasure Hunters asking if I was detecting. I told him of my goal to get back to Rose Hill and his response was “Brave”. When I read his response my mind automatically told me I wasn’t brave but rather crazy.. Once I got home and rested up I met up with my buddy and we metal detected at my favorite rural church for a little while. The old church was being tight and didn’t give up any old coins. Our hunt ended when it started raining. I am very thankful for the rain though. I already have a game plan in my mind for a morning hunt tomorrow. I have a spot in my favorite morning hunt spot that I have been cleaning out all the shallow trash. Hopefully I will hit the layer in the morning that holds the good stuff!


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