Ramblings on the Relic Roundup and Road Biking


I wanted to throw my two cents out about the relic roundup the other night. I didn’t get to listen to Dick Stout and Lisa MacIntyre duke it out on Monday night because the youngest Ukena boy and I were out detecting. I did listen to the show last night though. I would like to say good job to both of them. The two guests and callers brought up many good points. I hope that this is the beginning of changes between arkies and tekkies. I love the idea of a national database that MD’ers can upload finds to. I think this would be a good action. I know that as MD’ers we have discussed such a thing in the past. From an outside perspective this seems like it would be pretty simple to launch. I think if given the opportunity MD’ers would be more than happy to share information about their finds as long as the site wasn’t then overtaken by archaeologists. I agree with what was said that we typically are looking for different things than the archaeologists but I do think we overlap. It seems to me that both parties could work together and make things happen. Chicago Ron hit the nail on the head when he said that everyone should check their egos at the door. I think if everyone opens their minds and act like adults it could work. I also found it interesting what Lisa said about younger Arkies having more open minds. I know in the local area there is a young archaeologist who showed interest in what Pulltab was finding at one of the local parks. Is this a sign of things to come?

Yesterday I got brave and decided to ride my new bicycle to work. I had planned a route that was suppose to be 18.5 miles one way. I left the house at 5:30 and got on my way. I downloaded a GPS tracking device that would measure distance, speed, elevation, calories burnt, and other stuff. I arrived at work at 7:15. I was pleased with this time which meant I was averaging 11 miles per hour. Not bad for a fat guy on a mountain bike. Throughout the day my legs felt good and I was mentally ready for my ride home. I left work right at 5:00 I quickly realized that I had the wind in my face. This didn’t seem like a big deal. Then I got a little over half way and it started raining on me… The rain felt good and gave me a little encouragement that temps would fall. I can honestly say that the last 4 miles were the toughest of them all. Uphill with very slight downhill. Towards the end it took everything I had to make the last two miles of hills. I finally made it home at 7:12 averaging 8.5 mph. Not that impressive. As soon as I walked in the door Queen Ukena could see the exhaustion on my face. She mentioned that maybe this is the kind of exercise I needed to control my adult ADD. She may be right because I was dragging big time. The satisfaction of pulling the bicycle into the garage was great though. I have always said that motorcycling exposes you to your surroundings. That feeling is doubled on a bicycle. I managed to find a couple old homesteads that I hadn’t seen previously. I will definitely be seeking permission to hunt them. Overall it felt great and I slept like a baby on Nyquil last night!


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