Little things and a pocket spill

Well this weekend was quite a blur. We started Saturday with cleaning house we then went to a pool party and social gathering. After that we were slated to go ride in a friends plane. The weather quickly put our plans on hold until Sunday. Sunday we attended church and then went for some airplane rides. Most of the family enjoyed the rides very much. The plane was a two seater sport plane. I loved it! I hadn’t had anytime to detect up until Sunday evening. The two youngest boys and I went to a home in town where we dug clad and a couple wheats. It amazes me that kids enjoy digging a memorial cent as much as anything else. I had one kid with the lesche in hand and another with the propointer. It was blissful!

Monday morning I found myself with about 30 minutes before work. I stopped and detected some empty lots that are within a block or two of work. I dug a couple memorials and then I got a sweet signal that was in a deeper level of stuff. The Ace 250 was registering the item at 8″ and pinpointed at 6″. I dug down and pinpointed my target still in the bottom of the hole. I took a little more soil out and quickly spotted two round discs.


I was a little baffled at first because the size threw me off. I could tell that one was a penny and the other was slightly bigger. It wasn’t until I saw lady liberty that I knew what the larger coin was. It was my first dug V-nickel. Once I noticed that it was a 1907 I got excited thinking that the penny could be an Indian. In the end it was a 1913 D wheat cent. I believe the V- nickel is so corrode because it was stacked in with the wheat.

I have to think these finds were rewards for having my family priorities in check over the weekend!


Thanks for looking and happy hunting!
*\_ steveouke..

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