Fresh beginnings, fun, fellowship, flooding, and fighting.

Well l want to start by saying that I haven’t been detecting much lately.. We have been getting rained on for much of the last week and I have been busy doing other things. Today I wanted to get out and detect but instead I had to mow the yard twice.. I hadn’t had the chance to mow it for a couple weeks due to a chaotic schedule and the rain. While the Ukena family was on our way home from dinner I received two phone calls about detecting within a few minutes. One of these calls I had to share with the family. I stopped to hunt briefly Wednesday evening in downtown Wichita and ran into a gentleman detecting. He had a great story about why he got into the hobby and I would like to share it with you. He had a problem with alcohol abuse and needed something to keep him occupied and away from alcohol. He was gifted a metal detector and now spends his free time detecting with his grand daughter. I was thrilled when he told me that he had been sober for five months and loved the hobby. The only reason he called me tonight was to confirm the time and location of the monthly Wheat State Treasure Hunters meeting tomorrow. Needless to say this made me thrilled that I went out of my way to introduce myself and I am certain he will have a good time meeting everyone in the group. Here’s to fresh beginnings!

I want to take a moment and discuss something that has been going on for awhile and I have mentioned in previous posts. Cook County IL, passed some regulations awhile back banning metal detecting on some of their land. This upset several people and the Task Force for Metal Detecting has stepped in and is fighting to get the laws changed. They reported that the politicians involved have agreed to discuss this issue further and I hope they see success. You can read the full story on the Task Forces website. I can’t help but wonder if more clubs around the nation reaching out to local governments in a proactive way would keep these kinds of reactive decisions to a minimum.. Maybe we are just lucky in Wichita to have an understanding government but given the way they appreciated our proactive approach I think it could work elsewhere.

I am really stoked for our club meeting today and look forward to seeing what those that brave the rain have been finding!

Happy Hunting and thanks for reading!
*\_ steveouke


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