What is it that they are looking for?

This weekend I have been teaching an MSF class. Saturday evening I did manage to watch a couple episodes of Diggers. One of the episodes involved Bleeding Kansas. The crew was looking for a blacksmith shop before “the professionals” also known as archaeologists worked the site over. Now even though it was late and I was exhausted this show got my mind running rampid. Here are a few questions that streaked through my tired mind..

– What do local archaeologists look for?
– Is there anything that local MD’ers and I can help them with?
– Why are they considered professionals?
– Do local archaeologists think of us in a negative way?

I know of a couple of sites here locally that are in the oldest part of Wichita. Both sites are construction sites (one of which several MD’ers have hit). The other site has only been hunted by one person that I know of. He is a member of the Wheat State Treasure Hunters and he dug an 1872 shield nickel from the site. Around here that is about the oldest coin I have heard of. I’m sure someone has found some older coins but that is the oldest I’ve seen. This leads me to my big question for the day. Why haven’t archaeologists been working along side the construction companies or even in the area? What is it they are looking for? I find it interesting that in almost 35 years of living in this town I only remember one archaeology event. I have seriously contemplated going to one of the archaeology meetings at the local university. Maybe someone there could answer some of my questions.

I find it interesting that this afternoon that Mr. Dick Stout had made a new blog post. I am always quick to read it and todays post hit home with my thoughts. It is an excellent read.

At any rate if you are in the Wichita area and are in or know someone in the archaeology community I would love to talk.

Thanks for reading


One thought on “What is it that they are looking for?

  1. Steve, you pose a good question…I have no idea what they are looking for or what they want. They are however very jealous of anything we might find. I suspect it has to do with grants, a.k.a. money.

    We don’t need that to enjoy ourselves and contribute at the same time. Just my take…

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