Round 3 at the “hotel” site

This Morning I was in the field while the sun peeked over the horizon. I wanted to spend a couple more hours at my new site. The very first target I dug was an old horseshoe. I have been trying to date it which seems to be almost impossible. I then started digging clad and a few pieces of miscellaneous iron, brass, and lead. While hunting my mind kept trying to put together the pieces of where the hotel was, where people would congregate, and where I should be focusing my attention. At one point I got a very deep strong signal.. I had to see what it was. I quickly learned that the target was huge. I saw an ornate metal edge and thought to myself; Is this my fist cache? Did I just stumble upon a small trunk full of goodies? I finally got it out of the ground and learned that it was a huge what’s it. I also found a handle that I believe goes with it because it was right beside it. Any Ideas?

2013-08-31 09.11.57

2013-08-31 12.57.40

After I got done hunting I went to the local library to see if I could drum up any further information about this site. I grabbed some local reference books and started looking up hotels. It seems that our great town did have a hotel for many years but not the same one I was looking for. I then started reading through the literature regarding the railroad coming through. Everyone has told me that this “hotel” was built specifically for the workers. One of the last pages of this book caught my attention. I saw a building that looked familiar. Standing beside it were two people and it was captioned that this home had been furnished for the section foreman.. I’m thinking that this building maybe the pump house that stand on the site. Is this the “hotel”? I won’t be certain until I go back and compare photo and real life. If this is the “hotel” I have avoided it on my trips. I’m excited to go back and see if this is in fact the right area. Stay Tuned for more posts about this site.

Is this the hotel?
Is this the hotel?

Happy Hunting and Thanks for reading! *\_ Steveouke


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