The mystery coin becomes id’d

Well this afternoonI got out detecting for awhile. I decided to finally stop at a site that I had been wanting to hunt for quite sometime. It is a newer looking home but my research told me there was a home on the site in 1885. The only other indicators that really interested me were huge cedar trees and a very old barn. I knocked on the door and was told that the resident didn’t own it but his parents next door did. I was quickly granted permission to hunt. It started out slow with about 10 square nails and a few pulltabs. Then I found a 1981 dime. I was surprised at this find and it wasn’t exactly what I was looking for. I proceeded to grid a small section and got a textbook dime signal. In my plug I saw a beautiful 1941d merc. Only minutes later I got a sweet coin signal in my plug I found a shiny somewhat distorted disc. I could tell it was either aluminum or silver but I couldn’t see much detail. Once I got it slightly cleaned I could see an eagle on the back and make out some letters. I put it in the pouch thinking it was an obliterated Washington. Once I got home I showed it to Kolton and he noted that the eagle looked differently than a Washington. We jumped on coinstudy
and quickly deduced that it was a seated liberty quarter because of the eagles wing shape and position. I could also see the Q where it says Qtr. Dollar. I was stoked! As you can see in the pics there is no detail on the face! I am super excited to see what else this site holds.

If I remember correctly Miner and I had a wager on who would find a seated coin first but I don’t remember the details.

Thanks for reading and happy hunting!
*\_ steveouke




Just a few random thoughts.

I haven’t had much time to get out and detect lately but mentally I have been running some things through my head.

Practice- If you are one of those people that only pull your detector out once a month or less I have to think you aren’t getting the practice needed to be proficient with your machine. This isn’t just true in metal detecting either. I play pool quite a bit and recently I have started playing snooker. I typically play 8 ball and 9 ball. The game of snooker is much more challenging than pool on the typically pool table. The tables are much bigger, and the pockets are much smaller. This makes pocketing balls much more difficult than the typical pool game. Now I will be the first to admit that I suck at the game of snooker. The biggest thing I have noticed is that playing snooker has caused me to focus more on all aspects of my game. I wish I would have started out playing snooker because it makes the rest of the pool games easier. What does this have to do with metal detecting. You have to know the small things that your machine is telling you. You have to focus, listen, and learn. I think this is applicable to most hobbies. I know I have been fishing all my life and the same holds true for it. I bowled for many, many years and guess what? It took many hours of practice and focus until I was satisfied with the results.
Today I got out detecting with another member of the Wheat State Treasure Hunters. We were hunting a spot that has produced old coins in the past. The site dates back to the turn of the century and it took me awhile to get into the groove. I ended the 2 hour hunt with some old clad but nothing exciting. This site is extremely trashy and I was forced to work slow and listen to all the little sounds of my machine. I did manage to find several deep old nickels. The sound they made was less than sweet but they sounded just good enough to dig. It was really nice to get out and hunt for a couple hours. I hope I can get back to swinging more because the weather and soil are perfect right now!

Thanks for reading!

*\_ Steveouke

My labor day..

Well yesterday I woke up feeling not so well. I had some serious sinus congestion and a sore throat. I started feeling better a couple hours before the Wheat State Treasure Hunters monthly meeting. I loaded up the Ukena boys and headed to Wichita. Once there I was feeling pretty good but it quickly drained me and I left the detecting portion of the meeting early. Once we got home we decided to go get dinner. By the time we got home I had spiked a fever and was feeling like total trash. I spent all night trying to shake the fever and coughing/choking.. This afternoon I was feeling a fair amount better so I went out and did some prospecting of new sites. After dinner the youngest Ukena boy wanted to go for a bike ride (easy for him to say, he just sits in the trailer). Anyways I took the eldest and youngest for a short 3-4 mile bike ride. While I was out and about I felt great. Unfortunately it didn’t last long and I’m back to being super congested and feeling like my head is going to erupt. Hopefully a good nights rest will help get me over the crud. I hope your labor day was much, much better.

The only up side to this post is that there seems to be a Mythbusters marathon on.