My labor day..

Well yesterday I woke up feeling not so well. I had some serious sinus congestion and a sore throat. I started feeling better a couple hours before the Wheat State Treasure Hunters monthly meeting. I loaded up the Ukena boys and headed to Wichita. Once there I was feeling pretty good but it quickly drained me and I left the detecting portion of the meeting early. Once we got home we decided to go get dinner. By the time we got home I had spiked a fever and was feeling like total trash. I spent all night trying to shake the fever and coughing/choking.. This afternoon I was feeling a fair amount better so I went out and did some prospecting of new sites. After dinner the youngest Ukena boy wanted to go for a bike ride (easy for him to say, he just sits in the trailer). Anyways I took the eldest and youngest for a short 3-4 mile bike ride. While I was out and about I felt great. Unfortunately it didn’t last long and I’m back to being super congested and feeling like my head is going to erupt. Hopefully a good nights rest will help get me over the crud. I hope your labor day was much, much better.

The only up side to this post is that there seems to be a Mythbusters marathon on.


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