The mystery coin becomes id’d

Well this afternoonI got out detecting for awhile. I decided to finally stop at a site that I had been wanting to hunt for quite sometime. It is a newer looking home but my research told me there was a home on the site in 1885. The only other indicators that really interested me were huge cedar trees and a very old barn. I knocked on the door and was told that the resident didn’t own it but his parents next door did. I was quickly granted permission to hunt. It started out slow with about 10 square nails and a few pulltabs. Then I found a 1981 dime. I was surprised at this find and it wasn’t exactly what I was looking for. I proceeded to grid a small section and got a textbook dime signal. In my plug I saw a beautiful 1941d merc. Only minutes later I got a sweet coin signal in my plug I found a shiny somewhat distorted disc. I could tell it was either aluminum or silver but I couldn’t see much detail. Once I got it slightly cleaned I could see an eagle on the back and make out some letters. I put it in the pouch thinking it was an obliterated Washington. Once I got home I showed it to Kolton and he noted that the eagle looked differently than a Washington. We jumped on coinstudy
and quickly deduced that it was a seated liberty quarter because of the eagles wing shape and position. I could also see the Q where it says Qtr. Dollar. I was stoked! As you can see in the pics there is no detail on the face! I am super excited to see what else this site holds.

If I remember correctly Miner and I had a wager on who would find a seated coin first but I don’t remember the details.

Thanks for reading and happy hunting!
*\_ steveouke





7 thoughts on “The mystery coin becomes id’d

  1. The bet was: if you took me to a place where I found a seated I would buy you an AT Pro. Unfortunately, since you found a seated first, that bet is nulled. LOL! BTW, I also consider that Seated worth 50 silver coins so I am now behind

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