Just kicking around!

Well I haven’t been detecting much and when I have been my mind hasn’t been in the game. This transfers to other parts of my world as well. While playing pool last night I wasn’t focused and made poor decisions. It seems as though work and life have been running me ragged. Tonight two of the Ukena boys had soccer events in two different cities at the same time. While I took the middle boy to his practice I decided that I would detect at the school yard that they were playing on. Last week I found a pocket spill of old clad at this school that pushed the $2.00 mark. The coins were old enough and shallow enough that I decided it hadn’t been detected to death and could hold some goodies. The school was built in 1957 and most of the ground hasn’t changed much. I started out along a tree row headed towards the soccer field so that I could watch the practice while listening to the tones of the detector. About twenty minutes into the hunt I see a lady trying to convince her dog that he/she should walk beside her and not just chill in the middle of the field. I chuckled and made a comment about the dog needing a break and went about doing what I do. A few minutes later she approaches me and asks if I know about metal detectors. My reply was an honest yes. During our conversation we discussed the plethora of detector options and how someone would go about picking out a first and other questions concerning the hobby. She mentioned that she had read a couple of articles in the past that intrigued her enough to be interested in our fine hobby. I started babbling about the Wheat State Treasure Hunters and our upcoming class. Immediately I could see the gears turning in her head. She was getting excited about learning.  Up until this point I had dug a few clad coins but nothing exciting. I wish she had hung around a little longer because the next target was my first interesting find of the evening. It’s an adjustable ring that appears to be either gold plated aluminum or gold plated silver. The ballerina on the ring immediately made me think of the Dave Matthews song “Dancing Nancies”. 



The very next target ID’d perfectly on the White’s Prizm 6T that I was using tonight. When I dug my plug I could clearly see the silver rim coming out of the clod. Once I got the coin out of the ground I realized that it was a 1966 Kennedy half. Only 40% silver but I will take it. I got it home and cleaned it. Once I got it dirt free I was amazed at the condition.








Thanks or reading  and happy hunting





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