Class is almost in session

ImageFor the last couple of months I have been talking to all the major manufacturers about supplies for our upcoming metal detecting class. My family has been a little taken back by random boxes showing up on the front porch. Tonight I decided it was time to get busy and we built twelve metal detectors. I want to personally say thank you to the following companies for supporting our cause. Our students will be using equipment that is on loan or donated from these companies.

Whites, Garrett, Bounty Hunter, Fisher, Minelab, and Tesoro have all pitched in to make sure our participants will have equipment to use during the hunt portion of our class. I am getting very excited for our class this Saturday and I’m certain it will be a success. We will be presenting our participants with literature from all manufacturers and one lucky person will own a new White’s metal detector.

Now for writing my presentations for the class…


8 thoughts on “Class is almost in session

    1. Dick, you are absolutely right. White’s went above and beyond as they did with the Step Up, Clean Up initiative. They are a great company to work with! It really shows how much they want to preserve the hobby!

    1. Leonardo, I don’t want to say that this has never happened but the Wheat State Treasure Hunters are really striving to promote the hobby in our local area. We hope that these kind of actions will spread to other clubs and cities. If it does happen in your area our Brazilian Foreign Exchange student from Sao Paulo is now very familiar with assembling detectors!

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