Sometimes I feel like a rambling man

Like the title says: Sometimes I just want to ramble..

  • Today I helped the Wheat State Treasure Hunters with the first class we had with the city. The class was awesome and I was pleased to see the turn out and the excitement they showed. I am thrilled to be a part of this group and I am very thankful to have such a neat group of people to share our hobby with. We have several seasoned detectorists in the group and I am always amazed at how much can be learned through simple conversation. Our class was much like our group “eclectic”! I was thrilled to see the young lady in class which I talked about in “kicking around”. During our class we discussed research extensively. One student was a history teacher of 33 years and I can only imagine how excited she would get doing research. All in all it was a great first attempt and I’m looking forward to doing more of these classes in the future.
  • RESEARCH, RESEARCH, RESEARCH- I decided to take next Monday off of work and spend the day metal detecting. I have a few little towns picked out that I want to visit. I started doing some research and I was quickly amazed at how much of our state was settled many years before my local area. In my immediate area stuff didn’t start happening until the late 1870’s and early 1880’s. I hope to find some old stuff in towns that were around 30 years previously. Could I find a Large Cent, Three Center, Shield Nickels, Seated coins, or maybe a stash of old tokens.. Who knows but I am hopeful.
  • During our class today I encouraged our students to not get discouraged quickly. It takes time to learn how to do research, learn your machine, and just get our ears in tune to the sounds our machines make. I remember the first couple months of detecting and I was totally baffled by the beeps, bells, and dongs that my Ace makes. Give it some time and all the pieces of this wonderful hobby will start falling into place.  I thought I would pass that along to my more rookie readers. I have written about this in the past while discussing upgrading detectors and why I have struggled with upgrading. I have learned what my Little Ace 250 is telling me and I am comfortable with it.

There you have it Ramblings from a rookie.. Oh wait Miner says I can’t consider myself a rookie since finding a seated coin. Ramblings from a seasoned rookie? Either way I’m stoked and ready to go find some stuff!


Happy Hunting and Thanks for reading

*\_ Steveouke


2 thoughts on “Sometimes I feel like a rambling man

  1. “I have learned what my Little Ace 250 is telling me and I am comfortable with it.”

    A lot to be said for that statement Steve. Having to have the latest, most expensive toys on the market is not the answer to finding the good stuff, IMO.

    Instead of spending money, spend time reading, knocking on doors and asking questions. Won’t matter what detector you have if it isn’t there to begin with.

  2. I thought the class went great! Thank you for taking the lead and thank all the instructors for their time and knowledge. I see a seated half-dime in your future.

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