Metal Detecting Monday…

Well today I took a day of vacation from work. The plan was simple find a place that I could spend all day detecting. I had invited a few Wheat State Treasure Hunters Members to join me. We ended up with 4 people headed out in the minivan heading east. We started in a little town that was founded in 1864. We found some public land that looked promising. We detected it for a about an hour and a half and found what would be our best finds of the day. I dug a 1942 wheat, Josh dug a 1919 wheat and then Rodney dug this awesome relic!

After that we decided to hunt some old fairgrounds in a neighboring city. There was a ton of real estate here and we hit it for about an hour and a half before everyone’s stomachs were saying it was time for dinner. We ate at the local restaurant and got our bellies full. After that we went and adventured around the old mill. It’s an amazing old building that really takes you back a few years.


We finished our detecting Monday at a small town school yard that had a high school built in 1922. The yard looked like nothing had changed since. Unfortunately it seems like someone has worked the site over pretty well.

All in all I wish the finds had been a little better but the time spent with good hunting buddies made up for the lack of “juice” during the day!

It was a great time and I was thrilled to be with these guys.

Happy Hunting and Thanks for reading
*\_ Steveouke


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