Sunday, funday!

Well today we didn’t have much on the agenda. Last night I decided that I would start metal detecting at a local school. I sent an email out to the Wheat State Treasure Hunters inviting the group. We ended up having 4 people show up and hunt. A good time was had and we all agreed we should do it more often. I personally found a little silver ring, bunch of clad, a bling ring, and two wheat pennies.



Also found was a Showbiz pizza token and a Girl Scout pin.

The whole time we were detecting my mind was looking forward to my afternoon hunt. Pulltab and I made plans to hunt a train depot in a ghost town that was built pre 1885 and stood until 1912. We were greeted by a half dozen horses that were very intrigued by us. We quickly learned that this would be a brutal hunt. It seems as though someone operated a junk yard in the property in between. We dug old car parts, building parts, and a few interesting relics. My coolest find was a Nash emblem.


I had been trying to get permission where the school house was in this ghost town. As Pulltab and I were finishing up this hunt the gentleman that owns the school house property showed up. He granted us permission so we will be hunting it in a couple of weeks. I am hopeful that it will be more productive than the train depot!!

Happy Hunting and Thanks for reading!

Steveouke *\_


8 thoughts on “Sunday, funday!

  1. Hello, Do you think the owner of the school house would allow someone else to join in  ,  it sounds like a cool hunt Bob

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