Cabin Fever… No but we should get creative!

It’s that time of year when people start talking about the cold weather, holidays, and cabin fever. Not me my friends I am ready!

This Saturday I am hunting one of the more promising sites of the year. I’m hoping that the tiny old school yard will produce some of my best keepers of the year. They are calling for temperatures in the teens and possibly freezing rain and snow on Friday. I have hunted in weather like this and as long as you go prepared it’s not bad. We have poured over the maps/aerials and we have a pretty good idea of where the school set but we should probably get creative and think about action around the school as well. What were peoples actions like around a school in the late 1800’s? I’ve heard they were used for religion, civic groups, and other activities.. We shall see!

While on the topic of creativity. I listened to the American Digger Relic Roundup the other night that discussed the FMDAC summit conference. I personally think we (as a hobby) need to get creative. There is a whole digital world out there that is a great asset to people trying to get together. I know that certain groups have made steps in the right direction but let’s get creative on how to reign people in our hobby in. If you get all the manufacturers of detectors, accessories, and clubs on board it could be a pretty big force. I have to think the efforts of that one group would be very strong. I have recently heard from many folks that our club (The Wheat State Treasure Hunters) is opening doors never opened. I think that treasure hunters in general tend to enjoy solitude and alone time. I myself enjoy the alone time and solitude. However, I don’t think we should let that get in the way of promoting the hobby and protecting our rights. Everyone should speak up and get a friend to speak up as well.

Anyways just a small rant about people deciding to hang in the shadows and not step out into the open..

*\_ Steveouke



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