First day out in the cold

Well today, I took the day off work because I had to take the youngest boy to his new “school” for some evaluations. I had a little bit of time this morning before the day got busy so I went detecting. I ended up spending about an hour out in the 23 degree morning with a brisk wind. I visited a site that I have hunted before but didn’t have success the first go round. During the beginning of the hunt the finds were minimal. The site is tough because it is an old train depot and I believe they bulldozed it in place and left all the remnants there. About 30 minutes in I got a pretty good zinc penny signal and dug the first interesting find of the day. It was an Oklahoma sales tax token. I have dug a couple of aluminum tax tokens from our neighbors to the south but this is the first zinc one. I’m thinking the difference is due to the value of the token. My previous tokens were 1 mil and this one is a 5 mil token.

Tomorrow we will be detecting the ghost town school house.. I can’t wait!




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