Lesson learned the hard way..

Well today was my first trip to the ghost town school house. I met up with Miner and another local hunter just a little before noon. It was a sunny 35 degrees with a stiff Kansas wind. We got to swinging and we quickly came up with our hypothesis on where the school was. It was a slow hunt but eventually Miner came up with a 1900 indian head. This gave us hope that goodies were around. We dug many square nails, pieces of flat iron, and other less than desirable targets. I finally got a trashy signal that sounded just good enough to dig. I found an indian head that we thought was a fattie due to it seeing quite robust. I was pretty excited about possibly having an indian from between 1859 and 1864. Once I got home I started washing it off and could tell it was in good shape I could see that the head dress had the full Liberty and it was an 1899. Not as old as I had hoped but still a beautiful coin. Now the boys and I went out to church, dinner, and Cabelas. On the way home I got to wondering how I could get the coins original color back. I decided to try Brasso. The same Brasso that worked so well on my Nickels. THAT WAS NOT THE RIGHT THING TO DO. It quickly softened the copper and fine details were lost. I should have let it be green and beautiful. Lesson learned. I am excited to spend more time at the site because there was obviously a fair amount of activity there. I dug some relics as well. I will add a photo of them later today!

Happy Hunting and Thanks for reading.

*\_ Steveo

3 thoughts on “Lesson learned the hard way..

  1. Don’t feel bad…I screwed up a lot of coins trying to make them look better. I finally settled on olive oil for old coppers. I let them soak for a few days, then washed in soap and water.

    I also remember using something called date restorer to bring out the dates in old Buffalos….big mistake.

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