Saturday shenanigans with Maggie… It’s not what you think.

This morning I started out the day with my sons. We shot our Daisy buck in the house into circles with scoring rings. We then played some Mario Kart on the Wii. Once the frost had thawed and the sun felt good I went out detecting with Maggie. I will dive more into Maggie shortly. I left the house at almost ten and told Queen Ukena that I would be back for lunch. I started hunting in a different area than I hunted yesterday at the old homestead. About 5 minutes into the hunt I got a very sweet signal with multiple targets. I was thinking turn of the century coin spill. I was surprised to find a couple shell casings and a bullet that had obviously hit something. When I re-scanned the hole I got a single sweet signal and was blessed with a silver dime. My heart was racing wondering if it was a barber or seated. I was in shock when I saw this come out of the hole…

I was shocked that this coin wasn't at least 50 years older
I was shocked that this coin wasn’t at least 50 years older

I continued in the iron infested site and as I was digging a target I looked up and saw Maggie. She is a young, energetic, playful girl. She quickly grabbed my attention and a little piece of my heart. She is the residents 12 week old pure blooded German Shepherd. The resident was concerned that she was bugging me but to be honest I kind of enjoyed having a hunting companion. One of the guys I hunt with recently added a lab to his family and takes her hunting with him. This got me to wondering, Should I get my middle boy the dog he has wanted for a long time? He has wanted a German Shepherd for the last couple years. Hummmm I will run this by Queen Ukena. And in case you are wondering Maggie wouldn’t set still for a photo. I will keep trying.

Anyways, I detected for about two hours and nearing the end of my hunt I dug my second keeper of the day. I was expecting another silver dime because the VDI numbers were the same as on the 59 Roosevelt. I was pleasantly surprised to see an old copper. I cleaned it up just enough to see what it was and this is what I saw. Needless to say after my last post this one got cleaned with water only.

My 8th Indian Cent of the year
My 8th Indian Cent of the year

After the hunt was over our foreign exchange student and I got busy hanging the outside Christmas lights. We finished up just in time for dinner and the darkness to be illuminated. I was on my way to do an errand and saw a young fella (8-10 years old) metal detecting a front yard in Rose Hill. I quickly stopped and introduced myself. Come to find out he lives in NE Kansas and got his machine for a birthday present. It’s a small world as his mom knows some of the Queen’s family in the NE part of the state. Watch out Holton hunters you have some competition. I hope he enjoys the hobby as much as I do. All in all I think this was close to a perfect weekend day..

Thanks for reading!
*\_ Steveouke


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